• Image of Oxalis Toning Mist // Rose + Neroli

This toning mist hydrates and balances thirsty ski with botanicals. Antioxidant rich, revitalizing and antibacterial - the perfect combination to keep skin clear of breakouts and inflammation while gently tightening and toning skin. Suitable for most skin types.
+ Rose Floral Water : Balancing, brightening and purifying.
+ Aloe Leaf : Soothing, detoxifying, enhances collagen.
+ Neroli Floral Water : Delicate and regenerative, helps to improve the imbalance of moisture levels.
+ Witch Hazel : A natural astringent known for treating troubled skin.
+ Rosehip Extract : Powerful antioxidant high in vitamin C.

Application: Spray onto face and neck to hydrate and tone skin before moisturizing. Apply a few sprays to cotton pad and gently massage into skin after cleansing for a deeper clean. Can also be used as a makeup setter or at anytime skin needs refreshing. Avoid excessive use to prevent drying if you have naturally dry skin.

Ingredients: rose floral water, aloe barbadensis leaf, neroli floral water, witch hazel, rosehip extract, radish root ferment.